Outsourced CFO, Finance & Accounting Services

Business Strategy Combined with Tactical Finance & Accounting Solutions

We handle everything from the mundane data entry in your accounting system for expense reporting to building you a business and financial model. Our outsourced finance and accounting services allow you to focus on what matters - your business. By letting our team manage your business finances, we give you the tools, capacity, and leverage that you need to raise funds and grow your vision. If it has a number we want to help you manage it, understand it, and to use that information to help you drive better results. Take a look at what we do.

Strategic Financial Services

Fractional CFO & Leadership

We work with senior management and the C-suite as your fractional Chief Financial Officer (CFO) or in other fractional finance leadership positions needed. We help you make the difficult decisions by providing financial insight and analysis as well as business ideas to increase your chances of success. Understanding your end business objectives and creating detailed plans to reach those goals is how we provide value to your shareholders, employees and partners.

Budget to Actual

Business leaders require a budget to actual comparison to determine where there are areas that require more resources, whether the budget is realistic and if they are on pace to meet their long-term objectives. This process of creating a budget to actual involves using financial data to assess how closely a company's spending and revenue meet the financial forecast and strategic goals.

Cash Flow Analysis

A cash flow analysis is the blood line of any business, especially those that are focusing on growth. This analysis provides a clear understanding of where you stand financially and how long you have available cash. Building modeling scenarios into our cash flow analysis to better help you make decisions, is what we love to do. Our reporting and analysis is rooted in deep operational experience and provides you a way to have a comprehensive, unbiased view of your company's financial health.

Financial Modeling & Forecasting

We begin working together by creating a financial model to understand every aspect of your business and your vision. We then draw from our experience to create a forward-looking financial forecast to assists to determine your required financial resources and capital. Additionally, we help clients with modeling possible partnerships, key revenue sources, fundraising and any possible scenario your vision creates.

Due Diligence, Fundraising & Valuation
We know that possibly, one of the most frustrating times is the need to raise capital, value your stock for options and get ready for due diligence. Our entrepreneurial experience provides us insight from both sides of the table so we are capable of understanding not only what type of financial information is needed but how it should be summarized. We also provide a Section 409A valuation service, aimed to make your company Internal Revenue Service (IRS) compliant when issuing options or stock to employees.
Audit Preparation
Preparing your business for an audit can seem like a daunting task. Financial audits entail the examination of your company’s financial systems and statements. Our experts will help organize your data and prepare the necessary financial information to ensure that your audit runs smoothly. Having guidance through this process makes certain that you will not only have a successful financial inspection but also maximize the value of your company.

Tactical Finance & Accounting Services

Transactional Accounting: Bookkeepers, Accountants & Controllers
We manage your day to day accounting, bill pay, accounts receivable (A/R), accounts payable (A/P), business expenses, payroll, bank accounts, credit cards and loans etc. You name it and we will manage, organize and guarantee your accounts are closed and monthly reports are delivered on your timeline. Our team of bookkeepers, senior accountants and controllers aim to ensure you're always organized and ready for taxes through accurate accounting.
Financial Dashboard & Metric Reporting

Accurate, intelligent and insightful financial reporting is key to enabling you to effectively manage your business. Our reporting is carefully customized and crafted for you to give you in-depth financial analysis, quick access to key performance metrics and insight on analytics with critical business information. We also offer on-demand financial reporting and can get down to the smallest detail - profitability by division, unit or product.

Systems Automation

The least productive use of your money is on finance and accounting. We offer a curated grouping of affordable, widely available, finance software integrations which provide greater financial transparency and controls. The systems that we implement are simple to use and learn. These systems save money and help your people save time through efficiency. This is a process which has tremendous financial impact immediately.

Forensic Accounting & Historical Clean-Up

How do you know if your bookkeeping is accurate, clean and up to date? We offer forensic level accounting clean-up services to make sure all of your numbers are correct. We have extensive experience in unraveling years of financial data and matching disparate data sources to give you the true picture of your financials.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Does your business have disparate processes, separate spreadsheets, and siloed information across departments? This is not uncommon and enterprise resource planning (ERP) is the solution to efficiently manage every aspect of your growing company. ERP integrates the processes from finance, HR, sales, customer relationship management, operations and more into a single system. It enables visibility and analytics across every aspect of the business, giving you the confidence to make well-informed business decisions.

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