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Build a Small Business Budget in Six Easy Steps

Operating a successful business is no easy task. It requires a great deal of time, energy, and extensive planning. One of most intimidating, yet essential, tasks that a business owner will undertake is the creation of a business budget. Even the most seasoned entrepreneurs dread it. Even so, they understand that creating and sticking to a business budget is critical for the company to succeed and grow. While you can create a business budget on your own, it might be advantageous for you to work with one of our accountants or business consultants. We can help you collect, interpret,...

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Free E-book: Cloud-Based Accounting Software

In this e-book you will learn: Why online accounting software is such a game-changer for small businesses The pros and cons of each of the 11 most popular accounting enterprise resource planning (ERPs) Which applications are best suited for your business and why The best application add-ons to help you further customize your accounting Detailed and unbiased user insight Download your e-book Find the best online accounting software for your business with this complete guide Small business owners can save time and money by moving their accounting operations into the cloud. Not all accounting software systems are created equal...

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15 Critical Questions to Answer Before Talking to a Business Investor

Developing your idea - answering the must know questions One of the biggest challenges that new company founders come up against is knowing what questions to prepare for when raising money. This can also inform how you build your pitch deck to take to business investors. It isn't easy to get ready for these sessions. What you can do though is, first and foremost, put yourself in their shoes. Think from a business investor's paradigm.  What sort of things would you want to know if you were going to make a significant business investment? This is an iterative process. You'll...

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