About the Artist

Drew Lyon is a Denver based artist best known for his large, mixed media artwork utilizing visually interesting, nonconventional materials arranged in an intriguing and playful method. He hails from Buffalo, NY and comes from a family of artists. Drew now revels in life in Denver, Colorado. He is a self-taught artist that started creating at a young age but incorporated art into his business in 2012. Drew works professionally in business finance and accounting. He loves the creativity that he finds in numbers and how that translates onto canvas art.

Style & Inspiration

Drew likes to work in a loose, unrestricted and sometimes messy manner. He likes large splashes of paint and builds his pieces layer by layer. This technique produces multidimensional, surprising elements with great visceral depth and perspective. Drew uses all varieties of mediums including spray paint, ink, paint markers, collage, paper, stencils, oil paint, resin, yarn, wood, acrylic paint and more. He applies these by lively techniques such as brushes, fingers, drip, splash, spray, and affixing his media. Contrasts between light and dark play a big role in Drew’s work and are a resounding feature throughout all of his pieces. His work incorporates graffiti, cubism, modern art, abstract art, expressionism, and futurism art styles.

The Artwork

All artwork listed below is for sale. Prices are available upon request.  Contact us online or call (720) 435-6722 to inquire.

Breath of Life 

Medium: Oil and spray paint on canvas.
Dimensions: 50 X 72 in.

Cacophonous Assault

Medium: Flowers, yarn, oil, spray paint, pencil and resin on wood.
Dimensions: 48 X 72 in.

Promised Land

Medium: Oil on canvas.
Dimensions: 60 X 72 in.

Baby Bop

Medium: Oil on canvas.
Dimensions: 24 X 72 in.

Sunshine on My Goddamn Shoulders

Medium: Oil on canvas.
Dimensions: 48 X 60 in.

Glass Case of Emotion

Medium: Oil on canvas.
Dimensions: 15 X 60 in.
Note: Can be sold individually or as a trio.

Depths of Your Soul

Medium: Spray paint on foam core board.
Dimensions: 60 X 40 in.
Frame: Wood.

Chief Niwot

Medium: Spray paint on paper.
Dimensions: 39 X 27 in.

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