We understand that staying healthy is priority number one. However, we recognize many businesses are also facing sudden, unforeseen challenges affecting how they manage cash flow, remote operations, and their strategy during this time. We've seen similar challenges in the past, and are here to offer reassurance.

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The Right Tools at the Right Time

Imagine if you could hire the exactly right professional with the expertise, industry knowledge and experience needed for your business precisely when you need it. That reality exists here. The future of work is outsourced or fractional professional services, and that’s what Focused Energy does best.

Who We Are

Focused Energy utilizes business information to home in on strategies and tactics to reduce stress, improve profitability, and increase a business’ chances of success. We’re the straight shooters, the planners, the strategists, the data geeks and expert communicators that make positive change happen. Partnering with business leaders, we ensure clear and practiced decisions that are focused on the company’s long-term goals. Here are our values that help make that happen.

Our Core Values

Consider the Households

Business growth and prosperity come as a result of people and those people represent households that rely upon a healthy business. We never lose sight of the households that rely upon the business decisions made.

Communicate Clearly

We communicate with respect, clarity, and authenticity. We are brutally honest in times of good and bad, so there is no confusion as to what is at stake for business failure or success.

Behave as if Mom Knows

We act responsibly with the utmost integrity and honesty at all times. We behave in a way that should our family know, they would be proud of the work we do and the impact we have.

Be Accountable

We do what we say when we say we’ll do it. Trust is earned, and we take that seriously. Projects are completed in a timely manner with thoroughness and diligence.

See Around Corners

Experience gives us the foresight to see around the curves ahead. We help our clients anticipate needed actions and offer proactive solutions for what's ahead.

Think Like an Owner

We assume our responsibilities and deliver our services in a manner that protects the interests of the business.

Our Mission

To help companies to succeed by seeing the challenges that lay ahead. To give the business insights they need to make informed decisions to achieve their goals.

We invite you to learn more about how we carry out this mission every day. It is implemented in the services that we provide, the talent we hire and the care we give to every client.

Our Team

We’re made up of smart, driven and diverse experts who can provide the strategic planning and guidance to help businesses realize their vision. Our team has the expertise and resources to meet the specific needs of your organization. Plus, we’re really cool people.

Our team is made of:

People with 15+ Years of Finance and Accounting Experience:67%
Coffee Addicts:92%
People with 4+ Years of Higher Education:69%
People Who Have Climbed a Fourteener:40%
People Who Can Speak Another Language:33%
People Who Are Passionate About Helping Growing Businesses Succeed:100%

Our story

Drew Lyon, Focused Energy founder in a Denver bakery

Focused Energy was founded in 2013 in Boulder, Colorado by Drew Lyon, a finance guy passionate about helping businesses succeed in a tough world. A knowledge of finance combined with a respect for innovation led Drew to start a company dedicated to helping people with great ideas create prosperous businesses. What may seem like a day job for others is a commitment and passion for those at Focused Energy.

It is a running joke with his friends and colleagues that Drew is never able to simply pick up a check and leave a local shop. Instead, in the same breath as greeting a shop owner, he’s asking “How is business?” He knows that this open-ended question gives business owners the opportunity to talk about what has been working, but more importantly, their challenges.

This focus, drive, and compassion are what Focused Energy brings to our client portfolio today. While our work usually involves more complex business strategy and tactical needs, our business principles and genuine interest in making an impact in our community remain the same. It is rooted in every member of our team and the values guiding our growth. On any given Saturday morning you can bet that you will find one of our team members at a local business in downtown Denver or Boulder and chances are you’ll overhear us inquire, “So how’s business going?”

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