About Focused Energy

Focused Energy is a full-service outsourced CFO, finance and accounting firm. We are headquartered in Denver, CO and also have an office in Boston, MA. We handle it all - from the mundane data entry to the complex financial models and business strategy. Our fractional CFO, finance and accounting services give businesses the resources that they need to grow successfully and attain their vision. We are a team passionate about helping business owners succeed, to know their business and understand their risks. Most importantly, we enable them to make their business decisions with confidence.

Our story

Drew Lyon, Focused Energy founder in a Denver bakeryFocused Energy was founded in 2013 in Boulder, Colorado by Drew Lyon, a finance guy passionate about helping small businesses succeed in a tough world. A knowledge of finance combined with a respect for innovation led Drew to start a company dedicated to helping people with great ideas to create prosperous businesses. Because of his drive to help other entrepreneurs, Drew has always supported (both professionally and personally) local and small businesses as much as possible.

It is a running joke with his friends and colleagues that Drew is never able to simply check out and leave a local shop. Instead, in the same breath as greeting a shop owner, he's asking "How is business?" He knows that this open-ended question gives business owners the opportunity to talk about what has been working, but more importantly, their challenges. A routine trip to the local bakery for a croissant and coffee is merely a breakfast stop for some. For Drew, it's an opportunity to dive headlong into a series of business questions such as, "How many coffee shops are you selling pastries to?," "How many cakes are ordered each week?" and more. At any small business, as the line of customers behind him grows, Drew will always wish the owner good luck on his way out.

Today, the Focused Energy team and our client portfolio has grown since we first got our start, but we remain true to our roots. While the work with our current clients often times involves more complex business strategy and financial needs than the neighborhood bakery, the general business principles and our genuine interest in making an impact remains the same. Every member of our team holds these ideals and passion for helping any business that we come in contact with. On any given Saturday morning you can bet that you will find one of our team members at a local business in downtown Denver, CO or Boston, MA. Other nearby customers are bound to overhear them inquire, "So how's business going?"

Why work with Focused Energy?

We are experienced

Quality guidance on business finance and accounting is about more than many years of experience and credentials - although we have those too. Our team has served the Denver and Boston communities since 2013 and we are backed by over 50 years of combined finance and accounting experience. When you work with us, you can expect expert actionable insights delivered on time, in a compassionate and professional manner.

We listen

Our business finance experts will always answer your phone call, email or online contact request, not an automated system. We listen to your business questions, needs and concerns and genuinely want to help you solve your challenges. We talk through all of your options and give our recommendations while keeping in mind that you know your business best.

We are your partner

Focused Energy truly cares about the businesses that we work with. We are always striving to help you succeed, and if there are any issues, we will help you work through them. We pride ourselves on building relationships built on integrity and honesty that span many years and milestones.

Our values

The way that we work with our clients is anchored around Focused Energy's core values:

We are the best stewards of our clients' finances as possible and act in a manner that holds the clients' interests above all others.

We act, communicate, and behave in a respectful manner in both a professional and personal capacity.

We are at all times brutally honest with our clients so that there can be no confusion as to what we are telling them, both good and bad. It is from this honesty that we build trust and it is from this trust that we can work in all capacities of our client's businesses.

It is from this honesty that we build trust and it is from this trust that we can work in all capacities of our client's businesses.

As we are dealing with our client's money, potential success and empowerment, it is very important that everything we do is transparent and documented. It is important that we are transparent in our communications and actions so that there are no misunderstandings.

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